Monday, 13 February 2012

My Holiday ! (:

My holiday was pretty good. I spent Christmas with my family, like always and I went away a few times. On boxing day my family and I went on our annual camping holiday to Ohope Beach where we go every year. My sister and I were really looking forward to getting away from the cold rain for two weeks... but it seemed that everywhere we went we couldn't get away from it. So we spent most of our holiday all packed inside our caravan. Although it was raining it didn't stop us from getting out of our nice warm beds, to go huddle under a gazebo with 20 other people and have a very crazy, New Years party.
Luckily after a couple of days stuck inside our caravan, the rain started to clear up. Ohope was finally what my sister and I remember it as: hot sun, very slight cool breeze, sparkling clear BLUE sea water that felt so refreshing on your face when you dive through a wave after hours of tanning on the beach. Even with all this relaxing I managed to finish my book.

The 10 days my family and I spent at Ohope went pretty quick, once the rain cleared up we headed back up to Auckland and I spent the rest of the holidays hanging out with friends, swimming in my pool and cheerleading training. I enjoyed my holiday and hanging out with my family and friends, even though it rained for most of it, we still found fun things to do.

Maria, Louise and I reading on the beach.

My sister, ME ! and cousins waiting for the rain to stop.

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  1. Glad you had a good holiday - the weather was rubbish though!
    You've spelt luckily wrong so edit that.
    Great pictures - you might want to re-size them so they are smaller and then they wont hang over the edge of the blog. Or, if you play around with the template in the settings you can make the post size wider.
    Great to see you got your home learning done :)