Sunday, 15 April 2012

Term 1 Reflection (sorry its a bit late I didnt see the post until I got back from Hawaii.)

My first term as a year 10 at Alfriston College has been interesting and fun. I enjoyed most of my classes this term because I learnt alot and got good marks on my assesments, I also found out I have  friends in every class which is probably one of the reasons I have enjoyed class so much. The assesment I am most proud of is one of my maths ones because I got acheived with merit and gained a few credits towards my NCEA. I have found science the most challenging subject this term because everything we are learning is new and I am finding it hard to understand some things. Next term I need to focus on english and science more because those are the subjects I struggle most in. Overall this term has been very successful and fun for me.

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