Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Short Story: What Makes You Beautiful

Every turn we make feels like we are getting closer and closer to the edge of the now black, wet tarseal road. "Slow down!" I shriek at Adam. He doesn't listen. As the car drifts and breaks through the metal road barrier; time seems to slow down. The car violently tumbles down the hill and darkness surrounds me.

The sirens in the distance are getting louder and louder, Adam is groaning and I can sense him moving beside me. This is my last memory before I wake up in this very uncomfortable hospital bed. My vision is blurred and I feel so weak. There is a sharp pain cutting across my face all the way from the corner of my left eye over the bottom half of my nose and through the right corner of my mouth. I lift my right hand up to feel what is causing the sharp pain, but when my finger tips reach my face I find that my whole head is wrapped in multiple bandages and only my right eye and the top right corner of my head is left uncovered. I can hear nurses having convisations outside the room. I close my eyes to relax and try and take my mind off the pain I am feeling throughout my fragile body, but I am interrupted by the opening of the door. A young woman walks in, she has dead straight blonde hair, her fringe is french plaited back into her ponytail and she is wearing a dark blue nurses uniform.
"Nice to see you're awake," she says as she walks through the door. She stands over me and shines a torch into my right eye.
"Are you feeling any pain or discomfort?" she asks me.
"Everywhere", I reply. She pouts and says "I'll be back to give you something for the pain."
She returns and adminsters a syringe full of clear fluid into my IV. I feel it tingle as it goes into my vein. She is followed in by a tall man wearing Harry Potter style glasses and a white surgeons jacket.
"Hello, my name is Dr Kyle and I am your surgeon."
"Its nice to meet you." I choke out. He continues... "Miss Foster, you were involved in a very serious car accident three weeks ago, you suffered from some very serious head and facial injuries, a broken nose, shattered ribs, chipped hip bone and your left foot was crushed when the car you were in impacted with a very large tree trunk. "

The first words that come out of my mouth are... "Where is Adam? Is he alright?" The doctor and nurse give me a confused look and reply, "Who?"
"My boyfriend, Adam, he was driving the car..." The doctor kneels at the side of my bed and says, "You were the only person the fireman found in the car, they found it unusual that there was only one person in the car and she was sitting in the passengers side, they assumed that the driver got out safely."
"What!?" I say in a confused tone. "So where is he?"
The nurse starts to speak, " We haven't heard anything about Adam, but for the past few weeks your parents have been taking turns sleeping here just to make sure they are here when you wake up, or if anything happend to you. They just went down to get breakfast, but we will ask them about Adam when they get back."
"Thankyou." I reply as I yawn and start to feel a little dozey. Before I know it I am sleeping again.

The aroma of rubber gloves and disinfectant mixed with black coffee fills my nose as I start to wake up. Familiar voices are wispering around me, mum and dad are talking about a call they recieved very recently. My eyes slowly open as I try and get used to the sunlight beaming through the window.
"Darling!" my mum says when she realises I'm awake, she rushes to my bedside to make sure I feel alright. Dad comes and kisses me on the forehead as he says, "Its been a while since we have seen you, how do you feel?"
"Alright" I reply. There is a moment of silence as my parents get a chair each and sit closer to my bedside.

My mum starts. "Now Lucy,we heard you were asking the nurses about Adam. We got a call from the police station this morning, he was found sleeping in his friends garage." She pauses with a concerned look on her face. Dad takes over.
"Adam has been arrested for dangerous driving causing injury and leaving the scene of the accident and not seeking help for you." I feel tears start to well up in my eyes. Dad continues....."The police have allowed him to come and see you later this afternoon." I sit in silence for a while trying to process what my parents have just told me, when my thoughts are interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in" my parents say in unison. The door opens with a creak and a very familar voice follows saying, "Hello." My eye opens, as I realise who it is and my hand rummages for the remote that makes the bed sit up.
"I'll get it", says the voice as he picks up the remote and pushes the button. My body slowly starts to sit up with the bed. I look in the direction the voice is coming from and to my surprise I see a tall boy with scruffy brunette hair and green eyes.

"Chase!" I say bright eyed, as he places a vase full of freash flowers on the window ledge.
"I came as soon as I could, I was in Christchurch with my nana." he says.
"Chase, it's alright. I was asleep for 3 weeks so you didn't miss much, I reply reassuringly. We spend the next half hour talking and telling each other jokes. We are interrupted by another knock on the door... the nurse walks in and tells me that Adam is here. I freeze for a few moments, my parents and Chase walk outside the room to give Adam and I some time alone. The door shuts behind them.
It feels like forever waiting for Adam to walk into the room. The door opens slowly and a very strong looking policeman walks in, followed by a very disappointed looking Adam.

"Hi",I say nervously.
"Hi", he says staring at the floor. An awkward silence fills the room. He starts to talk again.
"Lucy, I am really sorry that this happend, and I hope the scar on your face doesn't look too bad,but... I don't think we can be together."
"What..." my voice cracks as I try and speak.
"GET OUT!" I yell,trying my hardest not to break down into tears. He walks out of the room like he didn't ever care. The door slams behind him.

I burst into tears, I don't even realise Chase has come in until he comes and sits on the bed with me trying to tell me everything will be fine.
" But who is going to like someone who has a big scar across her face?"I sob.
"Lucy, looks aren't everything. You are one of the nicest people I know, you would never hurt anyone! When someone is sad... even if you don't know them very well you wouldn't stop trying to make them happy, until you knew for sure that they are happy."
"I guess what I'm trying to say is that I've liked you ever since the first day I met you.A scar down your face won't change who you are....your personality is what makes you beautiful." He leans over and gently plants a kiss on my bandaged forehead and whispers "You're beautiful just the way you are."

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