Thursday, 16 August 2012

Olympic Opinions (:

The olympics are a world wide event which are held every four years. Athletes from countries all around the world come to one city in the world and compete in their prefered sport to try and gain medals for their countries. There are over 25 sports in the olympics and they range all the way from swimming and diving, to equestrian and syncrhonised swimming. But cheerleading is not one.

I think cheerleading should be included in the olympic games because it involves a high amount of physical activity such as: tumbling, jumping, tossing people in the air and dancing. It also involves alot of teamwork. Every team or athlete that goes to the olympics spends hours training to get ready to compete, cheerleading is exactly the same.. you train hard so you can go out and compete well. Some people think that cheerleading can't be considered an olympic sport because not many countries know about it yet, and America are far more developed in the sport than any other country.. but if not many other countries know about it then how is there such thing as the 'Cheerleading Worlds'?
The cheerleading worlds are held every April in a different state of America each year countries from all around the world enter multiple cheerleading teams from their country to compete.


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  1. Haha, you girls picking this sport does not come as a surprise.

    Remember to reference your sources.